About me

My name is Adam Ježek and I'm programmer, student and HW enthusiast.
I've been interested in technology for many years and I'm not focused only at programming. My apps are even running at production lines in big companies, or I can just help you with your homework.
I was member of programming group "GymGeek" at my school, where we are creating hardware toys. Sometimes for fun, sometimes to show that things could be used in completelly different way than manufacterer meant. We are often invited to developer confereces, so you could already seen me at LinuxDays, PyConCZ, DevConf, PyconSK or JobsDev.
Now, I'm an active member of student's club Silicon Hill, where I'm not only elected student's representative at my block, but I also spend a lot of time at project AVC.SH, where I'm interested mainly in video and lightning.


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For many years I'm developing WPF desktop applications in C#. Mine apps are used mostly in industry, where they are also controlling specific hardware at production lines.

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I'm able to program PLC used for controlling industry machines, or small microcontrollers like Arduino, ESP or others, in Python or C++. I also have experiences with controlling machines using microcoputers like Raspberry Pi.

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In my freetime, I program in Python language and I'm at advanced level.

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I'm able to design and manage computer networks, wheter it is small company network, or covering problematic areas with Wi-Fi signal.

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Though it's not my primary focus, I do HTML5, CSS3, JS and PHP and I'm able to develop responzive websites.

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My knowledge in the world of technology goes much further and I'm still learning. Miracles while waiting, impossible within a week!


I'm member of audiovisual center Silicon Hill, where I'm mainly interested in video. I have practical experiences with BlackMagic Design devices like cameras, video hubs, or live switchers. I also have practical experiences with live broadcast of conferences and concerts.
I worked on escape games by The Chamber. There I created a modular system in Python for controlling GPIOs over multiple boards like Rpi or Arduino over network, or playing videos on Rpi. I also created "smart props", which used electronics inside for more immersive interaction with players.


You can contact me using the form bellow, or directly by emailing me at mail@ajezek.cz
Due to current migration to a new webhosting, the form below is not working. Please, contact me directly by email.